Highly Efficient Bees – Highly Effective Pollination

End of Season Blowout! Once these are gone, they are gone for the season.

Here are the things we are blowing out:

50 Mason Bees  $49.00 + an extra 10 cocoons Call before ordering
Sunflower Bees $29.00 10 tubes of bees Sold Out
Osmia Californica  $15.00 for 10 tubes Sold Out
Osmia Texana    $19.00  for 10 tubes Sold Out

Starter Bee House $49.00 + an extra 20 replacement tubes

40 tubes for $12.00
100 tubes for $19.00

Mason Bee Clay $15.00

Here’s the store link: http://www.masonbeesforsale.com/store/

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Remember, all orders come with our awesome 60 day purchase guarantee.

If you have any questions, have a special order, or just want to talk about bees, call us.


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